Saturday, May 31, 2014

How to Applying Fabric to a Wall

Decorating kit
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric scissors
  • Nonaerosol  spray starch 
  • Fabric
  • Pushpins
  • Clean, dry paint roller
  1. Wash the wall to remove any dirt or film.
  2.  Take the measurement of the area that you intend to cover.
  3. Cut the fabric to size, allowing an extra 2 in, for trimming the top and bottom.
  4. Spray the  top half of the wall with a nonaerosol liquid starch.
  5. Place the fabric over the starched area, and temporarily secure it at the top with pushpins.
  6. Go over the fabric surface with a clean, dry paint roller smoothing out any creases.
  7. Spray the remaining half of the wall with the starch, and apply the fabric in the same way until the wall covered.
  8. Inspect the surface. If there are any remaining wrinkles, spray them lightly with the starch and work them out with the roller.
  9. Trim excess fabric, and remove the pushpins.
To Remove Fabric From Wall: 

Peel one corner loose, then gently begin to peel the fabric off of the wall panel by panel. If the fabric does not peel easily, dampen the fabric with water using a wet sponge and it should come right off.

Friday, May 30, 2014

2014 Stylish Nesting Tables Designs Ideas

Sometimes you feel that you need more than one table in one room. A coffee table, a night stand, a table for playing backgammon, and table for snacks.
Nesting tables are very suitable and comfortable choice for that. A set of stacked tables give you extra surface space when you need it.They are very easy to move and can be used in any room. Some coffee tables come with pullout nesting tables or seating cubes.

What should you concentrate on before buying nesting tables?

Take full benefit from the varied methods of nesting tables available by making a choice on the features you’d like. For example, do you want them for good looking purposes, or for dining or winning contests? Do you need them for use on your living room, or your kitchen or bedroom? How big the room and the quality of space you get are things you should think of when deciding over the table’s orientation. Know how much you possibly can spend and make sure you only look by nesting tables that happen to be within your cost bracket.

With this special designs of nesting tables, I hope that you find inspiration that helps you get the right choice for you.
Enjoy this post, waiting for your return once again to find more ideas that you will love.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Refresh Your Living Room by Comfortable Ottomans

Ottomans should win an award for versatility. They're another kind of furniture chameleon. They come in all sizes, shapes,and coverings - leather,all kinds of fabric,and wicker.
Ottomans make wonderful coffee tables,provide additional seating. and can be used in any room. Many ottomans have generous hideaway space beneath removable lids, others have lids that over to become sturdy serving trays, and yes. you can rest your feet on them.

Quick Tip

Ottomans get lots of love, attention, and abuse. Keep your new sidekick spiffy by treating it with a soft resistant spray. Try to buy an ottoman with a removable washable cover or one that you can easily spot treat.

Choosing Right Sofas for your Living Room

As you reconsider some of your furniture possibilities , you may wont to move some pieces around and rearrange it in the same room even if the furniture is hefty .
when you choose your sofas in your living room don't ever choose the traditional L shaped "sectional" sofas .
the latest versions are "modular" sofas, the armless unit can be used as individual chairs, Each seating section can be locked to another , They can be arranged in a "U" or "L" shape or sometimes as one long piece .
If your living room can't accommodate all of the pieces, give one chance to shine in the bedroom .

Some day you may have so much room that a sofa can just be a sofa ; meanwhile, you can achieve a sense of spaciousness, by selecting well scaled furnishings that are easy to rearrange and can function in more than one way .

You may not have a guest room, but when friends and family visit, you'd like a comfortable place for them to sleep. A futon or convertible sofa provides the perfect solution, For a five star host rating , make up their bed using fresh linens, extra pillows and a soft quilt.
This is a wonderful collection of sofas, i hope you like it . Enjoy !!!!