Monday, November 3, 2014

2015 Decorating Ideas with Violet Color

Once reserved for royalty, violet (or purple) is a sencond- ary color that is created by mixing red and blue. It is a highly saturated hue that requires precision when you paint with it; be sure you have enough for the job before you begin. Technology aside, super-saturated colors never mix the same way twice.

A shade containing lots of red, such as magenta, can be lively and warm; strengthening its blue compo-nent results in a cool hue, such as lavender. Eggplant and plum are the most dramatic shades, deepened by adding black. They are also very subjective---you either love them or hate them.

You can harmoniously pair violet with either of its two components, red or blue. Light-green and lavender or lilac is always a pretty combination. In fact, the pale gray- and blue-like versions are quite lovely.

If you're willing to take a chance on it, this color can give a boost to any dull palette.

With this 2015 decorating ideas with violet color, I hope that you find inspiration that helps you get the right choice for you. Enjoy this post, waiting for your return once again to find more ideas that you will love.

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